Summer Concerts Your Need to go to in 2018

For some reason, concerts are so much better in the summertime. It has to do with the things leading up to the actual concerts like being tan and taking group pictures, tailgating in the parking lot, and wearing your country hat when you’re seeing your favorite twangy artist. Summer concert tickets are purchases you need to make decently in advance because everyone has the same idea as you do. When you get a weekend off in the summer, you want to make the best of it. So, throw on your Veronica M Romper, pack your Twisted Teas, and buy the best tickets the music world has to offer.

Panic! At The Disco

These guys are visiting cities like New York, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Houston, and Philadelphia. If you check out their tour dates, they’re probably playing somewhere near you in the coming months. If you can’t think of any of their songs, think back to your middle school days, you probably rocked out to them back in the day. Popular songs include:

  • I Write Sings Not Tragedies
  • Death of a Bachelor
  • Nine in the Afternoon
  • This is Gospel


You can count on this being a jam packed concert depending on which city you choose to go see him. Touring in cities like New York, Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, Boston, and many more throughout the United States, Drake is one of the hottest artists in the music industry. Even if you think you don’t know any of Drakes songs, you do. Some of the more popular ones include:

  • God’s Plan
  • Hotline Bling
  • Nice For What
  • One Dance
  • Started From The Bottom
  • Marvin’s Room
  • Take Care
  • Best I Ever Had
  • Headlines
  • The Motto
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He’s had so many hits and trending songs that you have to either be under the age of 5, or lived under a rock to not know Drake.

Harry Styles

Harry Style’s music isn’t just for pre-teens, he’s actually pretty darn good. No need to feel ashamed if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s and want to go see him. His tour is shorter than some other artists, but will be visiting about 10 cities this summer. You can find Harry in Indianapolis, Sacramento, Inglewood, Denver, San Jose, Detroit, and a few others. Some of his most popular songs include:

  • Sign of the Times
  • Kiwi
  • Sweet Creature
  • Ever Since New York
  • Only Angel


Jay-Z has a whopping 5,947 fan reviews on Ticket Master with an average of 5 stars. That means that 5,947 people who saw Jay-Z’s concert actually went out of their way to let other fans know that seeing him in concert is totally worth it. He’s going to be all over this summer, and who knows when Beyoncé is going to make a guest appearance. He’s going to be in New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, South Carolina, Florida, and just about any other major stadium in the U.S. Jay-Z is one of the most well-known artists, some of his songs include:

  • Empire State of Mind
  • Holy Grail
  • Young Forever
  • 99 Problems
  • Run This Town
  • No Church in the Wild

Taylor Swift

Admittedly she did go through a few phases where her songs were a little too similar and you could pretty much line them up with what boyfriend they were directed at. Lately however, Swift has taken a turn for the better. In the last two years she’s put out some great up-beat dancing songs that are always a hit at parties. She’s going to be touring in New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Texas, and many other states. Her most popular songs include:

  • Delicate
  • Look What You Made Me Do
  • Love Story
  • Shake It Off
  • Blank Space
  • Bad Blood
  • …Ready For It?
  • End Game
  • Wildest Dreams
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Taylor is known for playing a good mix of her more recent songs and the older hits that first made her famous. I wouldn’t exactly expect a country concert anymore, but definitely a good time.